Taste of Soul


Southern soul food and hospitality


I received a tip from a friend that Taste of Soul was a restaurant I had to visit in the wonderful city of DeLand.
We gathered a group and decided to have a family-style experience. Taste of Soul, located in the West Volusia Regional Shopping Center off South Woodland Boulevard, is a Southern soul-food restaurant where all the “fixins” are created with love, and customers are treated like family.
Owners and operators Corey and Yvette Williams, Florida natives, opened Taste of Soul on Nov. 17, 2016, and have been gaining much-deserved popularity ever since.
“I’ve always had a passion for food and the industry,” Corey Williams said.
You can find him there every day Taste of Soul is open, working his heart out with a smile on his face.
Yvette Williams works as a nurse Monday through Friday and works at the restaurant on weekends.
When our group walked through the doors, we were immediately greeted by Yvette’s daughter, Ariel Clemons, who showed us all how Southern hospitality really works.
“Ariel is the socializer and friendly face you’ll be sure to recognize when you visit Taste of Soul,” Yvette said.
Our foodie group strolled into the 54-seat soul-food establishment, and each of us received a cup so we could fill it with our choice of the restaurant’s raved-about sweet tea, party punch or Pepsi products.
Taste of Soul has cafeteria-style dining. You get to view your options and choose what you’d like on your plate. The menu changes daily — except for the to-die-for fried chicken — and the daily menu is posted on the Taste of Soul Facebook page each morning before the restaurant opens.
Our group tasted, and shared all Taste of Soul had to offer, and it was heavenly. We had barbecue riblets, turkey flaps, fried chicken, meatloaf, cornbread, mashed potatoes and gravy, and the oh-so-luscious mac-n-cheese, to name a few items.
All the food was well-seasoned, and represented soul food to the highest degree, depicted nicely by the restaurant’s symbol of the fork and spoon bent into the shape of a heart.
The head cook, Yvette’s sister Zorena Morris, is responsible for most of the house-made recipes and amazing food Taste of Soul delivers to the community.
Taste of Soul offers a divine selection of desserts; carrot cake, peach cobbler, banana pudding, sweet potato pie, and more. Another specialty is the fried fish and shrimp on Friday and Saturday, and the sought-after Southern shrimp boil, including sausage, corn, potato and boiled eggs. On Sundays, they love to throw oxtails, neckbones, smothered pork chops, and other Southern staples into the mix as well.
“We really pride ourselves on building a first-name basis with our customers, as if they are part of our family, on top of delivering the best soul food you can get for a great price,” Yvette said proudly.
I can’t agree with her more — the service, food, and entire experience were thoroughly enjoyed by the whole foodie-file crew. I’ll be sure to keep coming back, and you will too!